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About Us

Mahila Shilp Kala Kendra is an NGO established to promote welfare activities, aimed at the alleviation of human sufferings and overall amelioration of society especially for the poor, helpless, weak and under privileged.

Mahila Shilp Kala Kendra is an NGO established to promote welfare activities, aimed at the alleviation of human sufferings and overall amelioration of society especially for the poor, helpless, weak and under privileged. This foundation is committed to provide relentless assistance to the disadvantage communities in India as its prime objective. This is achieved through a variety of programmes that address specific areas of need in those communities. 

Our Vision

To promote ability among all the orphaned/abandoned/underprivileged children, senior citizens within and outside the support system, by educating, guiding and giving them the love and care which they deserve. We act as a transition for these children to lead a life with complete social dignity and also make them able, to help the society in return. 

Our Mission

” To continue doing our work with social responsibility, so that we can restore the bright future of these innocent lives.” 

Our Philosophy

We believe that the education system needs innovations that respond to the needs of children and redefine the role of teachers/trainers. People must realize their responsibility towards the society and the nation so as to generate a peaceful and secure world for the new human generations to come.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To set up, run entrepreneurship development programs, establish academic and competitive examination coaching and training center and conduct awareness and education programs against globally challenged issues like pollution’s, social justice, environment threats and fatal diseases etc.
  • To establish, administer, maintain, run and operate Schools, Education Institutions, seminars, camps, training centres, projects to work towards education, schooling and support needy children to provide social welfare, health assistance and guidance in remote rural areas to uplift the educational, environmental and economic standards of the deprived/weaker sections of the society, to work towards elimination of practice of child labour, anti-social elements, tax evasion, prevailing bad social customs, illiteracy, dowry system, child marriage, fanaticism and other superstitious customs.
  • To organize and sponsor institutions, colleges, schools to provide instructions, teaching, training in Lower & Higher Education, Knowledge advancement solely for philanthropic purposes and not for profit.
  • To establish, promote, subsidies, counselling, encourage, provide, maintain, organise, undertake, manage, build, construct, equip, develop, recondition, operate, conduct and consultancy to run in India or abroad schools, colleges, coaching, boarding houses, ashrams, gurukuls, teaching classes for primary, secondary & higher education in the fields of commerce, arts, science, engineering, medical, pharmacy, mining, military, music, dance, acting, sports, journalism, management, social welfare and industry which can be impacted by the students regularly in such fashion as may be developed from time to time by the company.
  • To set up, run, manage, organize, undertake, sponsor, build, function schools, colleges, institution, or other such form of organizations to provide education technical know-how, and training in the field of marketing, computer hardware and software, accountancy, human-resources, teaching, engineering, medical, law, business management, technical, film, foreign languages or in any other field.
  • To establish, provide, maintain and run training and vocational and hobby institutes, centres, colleges, schools, play schools and other institution for training, education and instruction of students and others who may desire to avail themselves of the same to provide for the delivery and holding of lectures, demonstrations, seminars, exhibitions, classes, meetings and conferences in connection therewith.
  • To organised refresher courses, seminars, technical lectures / presentations, professional gatherings and such other programs for the benefit of its members, associates, affiliates, and the public at large for free of cost.
  • To conduct, sponsor or otherwise participate in training programmes, courses, seminar conferences in respect of any of the objects of the company and for spreading or imparting the knowledge, training or any sort and use of computers and computer programming languages including the publication of books, journals, bulletins, study / course materials, circulars and news-letters; and to undertake the business as agents, stockists, distributors, franchise holders or otherwise for trading or dealing in computer systems, peripherals, accessories, parts and computer consumables, continuous and non-continuous stationery, ribbons and other allied products and things and standard software packages or otherwise.

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